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Report Advice What you need to know about this crucial financial ... The creditor listed it as "Joint" but the credit union told me they put me in their system as the primary ... Your creditor apparently processed the account as joint rather than signer and cosigner. If it is important ...
Just remember, both of you are responsible for all debt incurred in any joint credit accounts. So, regardless of who's incurring debt, ... They will automatically update the name on a credit report when creditors report it.
There are major differences between an authorized user and joint account holder for credit card accounts. One is liable for unpaid balances and the other is not.
Marriage, divorce credit report and joint account rights and responsibility information for married and divorced husband and wife
Whether you're married, divorced or widowed, your credit report contains only your accounts. That could include any joint accounts or obligations on which you're a co-signer or authorized user, but your credit history contains only accounts that have your name attached.
Before you sign up for a joint credit card account with a spouse, family member or friend, make sure you undertand the advantages and disadvantages of sharing an account.
If you hold a joint credit account, have co-signed a loan or have authorized use of another person's credit, these items could affect your score if they appear on your credit report.
Best Answer: In order for your account to be reported to the credit bureaus, your creditor would have to subscribe. Not all creditors are credit bureau members.
A joint checking account will not influence credit history or scores.; Personal; Business; Small Business; ... A joint checking account will not influence credit history or scores ... Your credit report and credit scores are just one part of the process.
Looking at ways to help boost your credit score? Using joint accounts may help, but there are definite pitfalls to consider. A must read!
I was hoping someone could advise me how I can straighten out a situation with a joint credit card account that has some negative information listed on the credit bureaus.
Sharing a joint account for your checking or credit card can hurt your credit if you run into one of these common problems.
My mother added a card, in my name, to her account. She recently fell into financial trouble (last year) and the card went into collections. The card is now paid off and closed but is showing up on my Report (as a joint card).
Joint Credit Reports With Spouse or Partner. There are times when a lender may need a joint credit report. What is it and when is it used.
I'm getting married three months from now, and was wondering whats the best credit account type to open? Should me and my would-be wife opt for a joint account, or is it better to keep our separate individual accounts?
There has been a lot of dispute about becoming an authorized user on another person's credit card account lately. Being an authorized user just means that you are added to the account, not that you share the account.
How To Remove An Authorized User Account From Your Credit Report If a negative authorized user account shows up on your credit report, joint credit cards; adding authorized users; Get a Credit Card With Bad Credit; Rebuild Bad Credit; ...
Hi Noga, You need to provide more details so that I can give you reasons as to why these joint accounts are appearing on your credit report. There can be various reasons for this.
How to Establish Credit with a Joint Account By Diane Moogalian While everyone is responsible for his or her own credit history and for paying his or her debts, sometimes your credit becomes linked to someone else's credit.
The account will show up on both your credit reports and it will be factored into each of your individual credit scores. ... With a joint credit card account, you and your spouse are linked together financially, for better or for worse.
Chase is no longer allowing customers to open joint credit cards, following in the footsteps of two other big banks that have scrapped this option.
Sharing a joint account for your checking or credit card can hurt your credit if you run into one of these common problems. - MSN Money credit-rating tips and articles

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